Togetherness + Leadership = Togethership

Togethership is the leadership skill to create cohesive, resilient and effective teams. It embodies the art of effective team leadership, emphasizing connection, trust, and psychological safety among members. It entails the four following elements:  

1. Bring people together intentionally

2. Connect on a human level

3. Build vulnerability-based trust

4. Co-create what really matters

By prioritizing these four elements collectively, the Togethership code is cracked and you will have a team that thrives, with individuals that achieve their fullest potential together. 


Book our Togethership Team Experience

  • 2-Day initial kick-off workshop: develop and experience a strong sense of Togethership and create an actionable plan to sustain it.
  • 3-6 Months of ongoing coaching: personalized support for leaders to improve and maintain team Togethership.
  • 1-Day tailor-made check-in workshop: refresh and reinforce Togethership principles to ensure they are integrated into daily business practices.

Train your leaders

  • 2-Day immersive Togethership workshop: Engage in an intensive session to build a unified team spirit.
  • 3 Months of personalized support: design and implement your own Togethership experience workshop, with a comprehensive agenda and training on practical tools.
  • 1-Day check-in workshop: facilitate peer-to-peer learning and solidify the application of Togethership lessons.