Meet the team

Discover our vision and our mission.

Max Hunter and Judith Raymakers have founded Motivators@Work and call on a diverse team of qualified coaches and C-Suite business leaders from both small and large organisations. We are an international team, able to support you in English, German, Swiss German, French, Spanish, Finnish and Dutch. Since Summer 2023 Sonja Kirchvogel and Peter Mallision have been part of our core team.  

We envisage a world where people look forward to going back to work on a Monday morning, to interact with their colleagues and create great things together.

In doing so, we are guided by the following values: 

  • Start from trust 
  • Make space for being human
  • Share a laugh, share an experience
  • Together we create better

We adhere to these values in our work with each other and with our clients and have brought it all together into our tagline: Bringing people together to connect, build trust and co-create a better future.

Who we are



Judith Raymakers - MOTIVATORS@WORK

Judith Raymakers, CEO 

As a former C-level executive in marketing and strategic account management, Judith  brings a wealth of expertise to the table. One of her greatest strengths is her proficiency in organizational and cultural change management. Over the course of her career, she has successfully navigated through various business challenges, making her well-equipped to understand and address the day-to-day complexities your business may face. With over two decades of experience in leadership roles, Judith has honed her ability to lead and motivate teams effectively. 

Judith is at her best when supporting you with: Leadership Team Coaching with a Focus on Growth - Guiding Teams Through Crisis - Change Management with People at the Center - Cultural Change Initiatives to Increase Employee Motivation


Max Hunter, Chief Joy Officer

Max is a thought leader and practitioner in the field of employee motivation and is highly sought-after as a speaker at conferences worldwide. With an impressive background as Chief Joy Officer on the Executive Management at Loylogic, Max has accumulated invaluable insights into fostering a positive work culture. Max's dedication to personal and professional growth is evident through his certification as a team and individual coach, further enhancing his ability to bring out the best in others. Having spent over 15 years as a manager and leader in various industries, Max's hands-on experience adds a real-world perspective to his approach, making it practical and effective.

Max is in his element when performing: Larger Group Facilitation - Leadership Team Coaching with a Focus on Trust - Bringing Energy to Business Events - Conference Speaker and Moderator

Sonja Kirchvogel, Chief Consciousness Officer

Sonja is a certified coach, facilitator, and training designer specializing in resilience, digital consciousness, and (life) design thinking. Her vision is to foster meaningful connections and advocate for resilience as an essential approach in both professional and personal realms, especially given the growing significance of the digital landscape in our lives. She is experienced in global project management, change management, and the creation of interactive onsite and virtual learning experiences that encourage self-reflection, teamwork, and increased employee motivation. 

Sonja is your go to person for: Resilience & Stress Management - Consciousness Training & Coaching, Digital & Other - Workshop & Training Design and Facilitation, In-Person & Virtual - Facilitation Training & Train-the-Trainer

Peter Mallison, Chief Transformation Officer 

Peter is a projectmanager with 15+ years of experience in organizational change and project management in both startups and OEMs. He fosters self-responsibility and empowers cross-functional collaboration. Peter is a skilled workshop developer and moderator, adept at creating sessions that motivate teams, foster collaboration, and instill a deeper sense of purpose in their work. Through his workshops, he empowers individuals to embrace their roles and work together cohesively, resulting in increased productivity and overall team satisfaction.

Peter will be happy to support you with: Business Workshops and Meeting Moderation - Leadership Coaching with a Focus on Organizational Development - Team Building Workshops